SA Showjumping Newsletter April 2016

What is happening in Showjumping SA?

SASJ is excited to announce that, as a first not only in South Africa, but on the African continent, Kyalami Equestrian Park will be hosting an FEI Level 3 international coaches clinic from the 16th to 21st of April.

Why is this Important?

Many developing countries feel that the disparity between them and the superior performance of first world equestrian sport lies not in the quality of our horses, but that of our training. By growing our local trainers to higher levels than ever before, we have an opportunity to access this information and grow our sport from the ground up.

What is FEI Level 3?

The International Equestrian Federation governs worldwide horse sport. Their level 1 and 2 coaching system covers all basic to advanced coaching skills over all disciplines, but level 3 becomes specific, in this case “Jumping Specialist”. Coaches participating have to have completed and passed the previous levels. Information covered in this level is distinct and intense, varying from “Tactics and Strategy” to “Physical-“ and “Mental Fitness” in both horse and rider.

Who are the Coaches?

The FEI trainers are Jean-Philippe Camboulives and Lars Meyer-zu-Bexten, and over the six days they will be assisting and assessing the following local coaches –
Lorette Knowles-Taylor, Chad Cunningham, Bruce Dewar, Rainer Korber, Tossy Raynor, Tarryn Ann Combrink.
“The Role Of Coach” completes Module 12 of the course, and all riders would do well to look it over for themselves that they know what to expect from their coaches

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